Friday, October 31, 2008


And oh, it was a good one!!

Mars, the French maid.
It was a stretch for her....... the maid part that is........ since she doesn't know much about cleaning......but I think she pulled it off.

The Maxican pinata (my personal fave). Get it? MAX ican pinata!!!
The plan was that he'd have a bat & hit himself with it, then throw some candy with his other hand....... but it would quickly get out of hand....other kids snagging the bat.....pinata was ugly.
So we got rid of the bat.
I almost peed my pants the first time he put this thing on & started running around in it.

Gus, the T.O.'d mummy, who was just rudely awakened from his nap & put in this costume.

Commander Fox Zane, in his his somehow-still-intact beloved costume.

Zorro Jake, who had some mask was more like a blindfold.

And.....Princess Lea.
Brian was disappointed that I didn't go with the other Princess Lea costume.
You know......... the one in the Jabba the Hut metallic bikini one???
Ya, RIGHT!!!!
I tried to put my own hair up into the buns. I thought, it's pretty long, and I did do my hair like this ALL THE TIME when I was 8, & I idolized Princess Lea, & wanted to be her. No, this is not the first time I've been the Princess for Halloween!
Anyway, I tried to do the buns & they ended up being the size of ping pong balls.
Where did all my hair go?? It must be thinner than I thought!
Getting older really sucks rocks!!
So.......I had to go with the wig.
I had a lot of little boys staring at me. It was weird.

Brian, the zombie butler.
He has to be this every year so he can fit in with the haunted house.
And he did practically kill himself this year.
He came down with the worst cold & could hardly talk that night!

The annual block party!
Always a blast.
Lots of Friends + Lots of Sugar = Good Times

The Arnett's & the Choules's costumes totally rocked!!!!

Mars & her super cute friends.

Brian passed out after it was all over. Poor guy!!
When Max got home after trick-or-treating with his friends, he layed back on the couch & sighed & said, "I looove Halloween."

Til next year, spooky Halloween house!!!

The end.


Holly said...

Fabulous!!!! I LOVE it! Maybe next year, our kids will stick together more - I felt like I was chasing the crazy turbo speed trick-or-treaters. Ha! Loved the costumes, loved the house decor ... it was fabulous!

Tracey said...

Amazing pictures and WOW you guys really go all out for Halloween! I am so impressed with all you do to your house. Fabulous costumes! I love your blog.
Love - Tracey

Nichole said...

You guys are the best! Love all your costumes and your house looks so fun! Where do find the time to do all that? I am impressed! We need to come check it out next year!

Banks Family said...

You guys are out of control, I love it. Poor Davis asked why I don't have any decorations up and I said...that's just not what I do let's find some other things I do and focus on those. My kids would've loved your costume as they were Capt. Rex and Commander Cody...may the force be with you!! My life as a Star Wars Mom...who knew! Awesome Decor!

Spuhlers said...

i love, love, love your decorated house!!! I definately need more lighting!! wow! you are the best halloween person I can think of... your costume too! so cute! you're a great princess and you for sure can wear the gold costume for brian in the bedroom, raaahhrr..

Leigh said...

You guys are officially the "Griswalds" of Halloween! (but not tacky).

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