Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good times with the Bakers

We visited our fave friends, the Bakers, in LA this past weekend.
It was such a blast!
We hung out at their cool house. Jill made us a FABULOUS dinner.(She is probably the best cook I know & I totally aspire to be like her. Her homemaking skills are so inspiring to me!) We went thrifting & got some great deals (brand new Suns jersey for $1.99!). Hit some cool antique & vintage clothing shops in Hollywood. I got this plaid polyester shirt from the 70's for Zane, that I swear is the same one Brian wore for his Kindergarten school pictures! Zane wore it to school on Monday. HILARIOUS. I got a total Carol Brady dress, a bright purple disco bellbottom pantsuit.......sweet stuff!! We stood in line for 20 minutes for some Pink's hotdogs. We ate dinner at The Ivy. And we were so grateful that Brian's LA driving didn't kill us all.
Good times.
Good friends.
We go way back with the Bakers.
We met them in dental school at the University of Washington & they became like family to us. We spent four years together. Scraping by in our awesome student housing apartments. Making our own Thanksgiving dinners together, Tulip Festivals, spending too much money at U Village, cruising the Burke Gillman, Saturdays at Bell Square, Ivars, Nasai, Woodland Park Zoo, Pike Place, our little trip up to Victoria, pregnancies, babies, board exams, weird Seattle ward members, even weirder neighbors, Dairy Queen runs, the Dental School Prom, the Garns & Christensens, talking endlessly about "when we're out of school..........."

A little walk down memory lane.......

Kylee, Marlee & Caroline in the tulips.
Who's car was that?!!

Brock & Mars in our courtyard between our apartments.
At the "Dental School Prom" with my new Rachel from Friends haircut.

Greg, Evan & Brian. They spent ALOT of time in this clinic.

Yeahhhh!! Now we get to start paying on those student loans!

Dental School Graduation. This was 1997.
The Bakers then left Seattle for LA to set up shop, & we also left for LA for UCLA Orthodontics.

Jill & I crying at graduation. I'm 7 months pregnant with Jake.

So here it is Jill! My favorite one of your BEAUTIFUL kiddos!

We had a little photoshoot while we were there.I love Kate's dreamy look. They all did so good!

Love it!


christensenpartyof6 said...

nic, your blog looks great and i'm so impressed with your photo skills...when can i schedule a photo shoot?

Banks Family said...

That looks like fun, that is the only bummer about not leaving for Dental School, it seems like most people make such great friends while they are there. I don't know one person in Brian's class, it's hard when I have my own life going on here. I saw Zane when I picked up Davis today from school. I recognized him from all his cute pictures, is he looking forward to the field trip???

Julie Huish said...

All I can say is you guys would be the FUNNEST people to be going through Dental school with!

Rebecca said...

Holy Cow, the memories!! I can't believe you dug up those pictures. Is that the Ottosen's car? Way to put your prego picture in there! I love that shopping picture where that tag is right in the middle of Heather's face! It seems like yesterday...the tulip festival ha ha, how could we not realize that those were the best times ever? Shout out to the fab four :) I love you guys!

Rebecca said...

Jill, cutest pictures ever! I got to see the whole bunch over at Nik's house. Your kids are gorgeous. Way to go Nik, as usual, great pics.

bzbakermomof4 said...

Nic !!!!!!!! your post has brought tears to my eyes!! we are so, so lucky to have such an amazing, talented friend.... and personal photographer!! I love, love, love the pics...... i'm still cracking up thinking about Brian racing us through l.a., and Evan in the front passenger seat holding on for his life!!!!!! What a total blast!! we love you guys, can't wait to see all of the pictures...

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